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Here is a profile of the various mugs that I have used in my posts. I love cool and unique coffee mugs and have amassed a small collection of them.

Father With Mustache Coffee MugThe Father Mug

Description– This mug features a dapper young mustached man and the words “Father”. It may or may not be a tea cup instead of a coffee mug. Update: This mug went crashing to a premature end on 12/22/14. It will be missed and fondly remembered.

Capacity– A little over 8 fl oz.

Appearances– The Father Mug is featured on the About Me page.

Back Story– This mug was a gift from my wife on my first father’s day as a dad.

Where can you find it?– I have seem them on Etsy from time to time. I would start searching there.

The Turkey MugSpode Turkey Mug

Description- Nothing says Thanksgiving like a coffee mug with a turkey on it. This Spode mug also features a decorative border.

Capacity- 8 fl. oz.

Appearances- This mug got the privilege of holding 8 ounces of coffee mixed with creamy delicious butter in my post about butter in coffee.

Back Story- This mug was given to my wife at an extended family Thanksgiving celebration as an award for being that years “Turkey.”

Where can you find it?- Unfortunately I don’t think this is an easy mug to find. You could try to search Ebay for term such as “Spode Celebration Turkey Mug” or “Spode Festive Turkey Mug.”

The Mustached ManPretty Ugly Pottery Mustache Mug

Description- This mustached man mug features many shades of brown, an eyeless face and all sorts of childhood memories. I probably feel the same way about this mug as people with ugly dogs feel. It is beautiful to me.

Capacity- 10 fl. oz.

Appearances- This mug was featured toppled over in a post about surviving bad coffee.

Back Story- This was a gift from my father who was a fighter pilot in the Air Force. When I was about six years old, he bought home a mug from the Pretty Ugly Pottery Company in Wales for each member of my family. The Mustached Man was the only one to survive the rigors of a Giuliano upbringing.

Where can you find it?- If you can find another one let me know and I will probably buy it. I’d be devastated to lose this guy and wouldn’t mind a back up.


The Christmas MugChild's Christmas Mug

Description- This small mug features a car with a Christmas tree on top.

Capacity- 6 fl. oz.

Appearances- This mug was featured in my post about giving coffee to children. It was accompanied by a vintage station wagon from my wife’s Etsy shop, that I later decided to keep. (That thing is waaay to cool to sell)

Back Story- This mug was purchased as a gift for my daughter on her first Christmas.

Where can you find it?- It is from Crate and Barrel, however, I think that they have discontinued it. Try searching Ebay.

SuperBowl XX ChampionsBears Super Bowl XX Champions Mug

Description- Who can forget the 85 Bears? No one in Chicagoland, that for sure. This is a mug the commemorates the last time Chicago Bears fans had something to make a mug about.

Capacity- 10 fl. oz.

Appearances- This mug appeared in a post with the title “Thumbs Down Chicago Bears” although it was the other side of the mug that was featured.

Back Story- I snatch this baby up on some thrift store expedition with my wife.

Where can you find it?- This is another one that is hard to find. Maybe I should just delete the part of this mug bios.

The Standard MugCup and Saucer

Description- This is the a very simple and no frills mug. It comes with a saucer which is great for catching spills.

Capacity- 8 fl. oz.

Appearances- This mug was featured in a post about French press.

Back Story- I purchased several of these cup and saucer combos for comparison purposes. It wanted to have at least four mugs that were exactly the same so I could remove that variable for taste differences.

Where can you find it?- Crate and Barrel. I finally have one you can buy somewhere normal.


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