“What coffee should I buy at Jewel?” (or “The Jewels” would be more accurate for my locale, it really doesn’t matter {Insert Local Grocery Store for “Jewel”})

It is hands down the most common question I get whenever someone finds out I know a little bit about the blissful beverage. It’s an entry level coffee buying question but it’s also a loaded question. Nonetheless, it is a question the deserves an answer.

What is the best grocery store option for the curious person who wants to peer into the rabbit hole of a better cup of coffee?

A short explanation- Why is this such a loaded question?

I can already hear the third wave coffee pitchforks being raised. “Good coffee from a grocery store!?”

I get it, the average grocery store holds no treasures for the coffee aficionado. Bear with me.

On the other side of the coin, I’m about meeting people where they are at. An earnest question in the search of a better cup of coffee that is rebuffed with a curt “You’ll never find good coffee at the supermarket” does no good at all.

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